Hello, I’m Andrea!

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. After graduating with degrees in Visual Art and Industrial Design, it became clear to me that while I loved being in the creative field, rather than be a maker, I wanted to pursue a career in writing instead. So, I found myself packing up and moving to Milan, Italy to pursue my editorial ambitions at leading online magazine Designboom, where I had the opportunity to collaborate with design protagonists and major global brands on special features and original editorial content. Over the course of my eight years with the publication, I observed the ongoing developments, shifts, and changing trends in the industry; and witnessed and experienced first-hand how the world of digital publishing transformed.

I also read hundreds of press releases and parsed through tonnes of brand communications, and one thing I often felt was that the ideas I was being presented with could be expressed and delivered through even more impactful narratives — whether it be through the written word or visual storytelling. Now, I’ve decided to take my passion for design, writing and photography, to consult creative studios and lifestyle brands on developing the best content and editorial strategies in which to tell their story.

Let's talk: andrea@andreachin.com